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Pallet tipping station

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Venning Pallet tipping station is used in connection with sorting and palletizing of brick and concrete stone. The station can be adapted to the customer's needs.

The station is used for laying stones on a belt conveyor, which is the buffer and ensure that a steady flow of stones always be delivered, to the entire production.

 Pallet tip info:  

The tipping station is designed to handle a full pallet of bricks at a time. It is made up of two parts a tilting rack and a dosing belt conveyor section.

The dosing belt conveyor section are steel structures, provided with reinforced sides and a flat belt running along the bottom. Sturdy steel rollers are fitted with shock rollers for supporting the belts.

 The pallet tip works as follows:

A filled pallet is placed with a forklift on the station's receiving table and pushed all the way towards the belt conveyor. Once the pallet is in place, the pallet is held in place by the side clamps, while the tipping arrangement tilts the pallet so that the stones fall onto the small belt conveyor. From here they are transported out on a belt conveyor in the production. When the pallet is empty, the arrangement tilts down, and the side clamps loosen so that the empty pallet can be removed again.

Tip station 75/120

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Venning Tip station 75/120 used in case of block stone production to empty casting plates for fault products.

The  Tip station is located opposite the control station so that the operator can choose to tip the product off in the waste container if the product does not comply with the specified requirements.

The 75/120 Tip station is pneumatically driven and works by lifting the casting plates with product at an oblique angle, after which the scraper removes the product.

The casting plates is then lowered down and sent into circulation as an empty casting board.

Hoist tip station

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Venning Hoist tip station can be used in connection with emptying goods cages and can be customized to the customer's needs.

The Hoist tip station is prepared to install in a belt drive hoist, so that it can be hoisted to another level in a production line.

The tip is driven by the built-in hydraulic station, which by 2 hydraulic cylinders at the bottom, holds the goods cage by means of a clamping function. The tip function is also performed by 2 hydraulic cylinders.