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Big Bag Loader

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Venning Big Bag loader is used for filling sacks, with mixed products from dry mortar systems or similar.
The material is received in the receiving container, from either a auger conveyor or from a pneumatic transmission system.

The receiver container is fitted with Butterfly Valve, Filters, Safety Valve, Empty/Full indicator and Vibrator.
The Big Bag load station can be supplied with, a roller conveyor and a vibration unit.

The roller conveyor is used for, delivery of pallets with filled sacks, to another transport line in a production process.
The vibration unit is used to achieve a good sack filling.

Construction consists of a welded / bolted together units of laser cut steel plates and profile tubes.

Big Bag unload rack

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Venning Big Bag unload rack comes with approved lifting yoke, for easy application of Big Bag in stand with crane or other lifting equipment.

The rack top can be raised or lowered to fit the Big Bag type.

The funnel is equipped with a vibration motor for better depletion of materials and an inspection door.

Outlet is equipped with hand-operated butterfly valve, and flange for mounting the auger conveyor.

Auger conveyor can be delivered at length and climb as desired.

Big Bag unloader

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Venning offer an efficient solution for manual emptying and transport of big bags with powder or granular content.

Our big-bag unloader is made of galvanized steel mounted on a sturdy leg stand, with fork pockets for transport, and adjustable driveway for emptying, in one, two or three-wheel equipment, such as wheelbarrows, feed barrows, concrete mixer or the like.

The silo funnel can be raised or lowered with a forklift to fit your production line.

The silo funnel is also equipped with lifting eyes for crane lifting, as well as holes for inserting a cane for pushing the big bag sack for better emptying.

The big-bag material is emptied out by hand-operated slide gate.