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Contex accessories & spare parts

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We distribute Contex products so that we can assist our customers with accessories and spare parts for Block making machines in high quality.

Block making machine 75/120

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Venning Block making machine VMF 75/120 is the heart of production, to produce concrete cast products. The machine is built around a powerful machined frame, where the focus has been speed, stability, durability as well as servicing, and easy access conditions for cleaning.

The machine is powered by hydraulics and servo/electric motors.

The hydraulic unit of 2 x 55Kw is in a different room than the machine itself, which minimizes noise and heat development in the production room. The valve cabinet is located on the side of the machine, so that the road from valve to consumer is as short as possible.

Valve blocks run with constant pressure, and high flow available, which means that when oil is needed, this will be available immediately, no matter where the cycle on the machine is reached.

All hydraulic components are made by Bosch Rexroth, which is of the highest quality. All valves are proportional valves, and they all have full feedback for 100% control in terms of control.


Read more about the Block making machine in our data sheet.