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Wet brush 120

Billede 1:

Venning Wet brush 120 is used to remove any residual material that has fallen onto the newly moulded wet product before continuing production for drying.

Venning Wet brush 120 is fully automatic and is set together with the selected prescription on which the block stone machine is set.

It is required that the height adjustment is very accurate so that the products are not damaged. The height adjustment is controlled by absolute encoder, which ensures that the height of the brush matches the product height. To ensure that the right and left sides are at exactly the same height, precision guides are used with a built-in belt drive, which is mechanically connected via a cardan shaft and gear, with direct drive for the raising / lowering function.

In case of an accidental power outage, the brush will know its height without needing to make new basic settings.

The brush is placed behind a slightly removable screen which stops the material being removed so that residues do not land on underlying products.

Collecting of material is typically done by placing a container under the brush in which material lands.

The brush itself is of the same type as Plate Brush 120, which minimizes the number of spare parts to be in stock if you have both models.

Plate brush 120

Billede 1:

Venning plate brush 120 is used to clean the casting plates in block stone production.

The plate brush cleans gently but efficiently casting plate after concrete products are palletised, thereby ensuring that casting plates do not have old residues at the next production cycle.

Plate brush 120 is used in conjunction with cyclone for air filtration, which results in the room not being filled with dust particles as these are sucked up through the specially developed suction head.

The suspension is adjustable, so you can easily adjust the brush to the desired pressure on the casting plate when cleaning it.

The brush itself is considered a wear part, and therefore the brush is easily removable with few bolts so that the brush can be replaced in a short time.