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Curing chamber

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Venning Curing chamber can be supplied as an individual shelving system, or as a complete system with finger car lane.

The capacity of the shelving system is dependent on the daily production flow, and the average curing time of the products, therefore the shelving system is adapted to the customer's needs, after thorough advice.

The curing chamber can be supplied as indoors, or as self-contained outdoor construction, prepared for insulation and cladding.

Open below datasheet Including technical data on one of our projects, where 13 casting boards can be stand in height, with a width of 15 rows, each of which can have 24 casting boards in depth.

This model is built with 500 mm in shelf distance, so that the customer does not have to empty boards out of the shelf, when producing tall products. This solution is timesaving when converting the production line, between low and high products.