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Portal palletizer

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Venning Portal palletizer are used to palletize concrete products from block stone production on pallets. The machine is built around a strong frame. At the top of the frame is placed a platform for easy service access.

The palletizer can rotate and side-shift the clamp. This allows palletizing of the products staggered Sideways, which provides a stable palletized finished pallet, ready to wrap with plastic.

The clamp is equipped with a holding function, that ensures that the products are lifted off the casting plate, without flexing the product layer, and loos of product. At the same time, the holding function allows for palletizing of very low products.

The Squeezing function on the clamp, have the ability to drive with different squeezing force, depending on the product to be palletized. Adjustment of squeezing force changes automatically, depending on the choice of prescription.

The movement on the wagon is driven by servo motor and powerful timing belts.

Raise/lower of the clamp, squeezing and side-shift, is powered by proportional hydraulics.

Rotation of the clamp is powered by Electric motor.

combination of hydraulic and electrically powered movements give a flexible, highly stable, and reliable machine, there at the same time have the strength and the presition, to repeat the process with millimeter accuracy each time.