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Drum dryer 5475-025

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Venning rotating drum dryer is specially designed, to remove moisture from sand, used for the production of dry mortar products, but can also be used for other applications.

Drying is an important step in the treatment of sand for use in dry mortar products. A rotating drum dryer provides the robustness and reliability required for the product, to result in a quality and economically valuable product.

The drum dryer is built in a robust steel construction that can withstand the load of sand working and withstand the high temperature from the gas burner unit, so that unnecessary wear and tear costs and production losses are reduced.

The drum body is specially designed ensuring that the material meets contact with the hot gas flow from the burner, and the combustion gases.

To avoid heat loss, reduce energy consumption and reduce economic costs, while achieving maximum sand dryer capacity in minimal time, the drum is isolated.

The drum is rotated on heavy rollers, by a chain pull powered by an SEW gear motor.