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Dosing silo

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Venning stand-alone unit with combined silo and screw conveyor.

The Dosing silo is used for feeding of dry mortar and cement mix.

The unit is made of galvanized steel, with loading and transporting forklift pocket and crane lifting eyes.

The silo container is mount with a Vibrator motor used to release materials, if the skid angle of the material is too large, or for some other reason, hangs on the silo sides.

The dosing silo can be lifted into fork pockets, lifting brackets, or lifting eyelets by means of forklifts/pallet lifts or cranes.

The ladder can be knocked out from its fixed position. Or interlock for transport and fixed with split.

Mortar silo

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Venning Mortar silo is designed, for transport on truck, and use on building site for dosing of dry mortar products, for forced mixing with water.

When the silo is unloaded on the building site, it is ready for use after connecting electrical power and water.

The advantages of using Mortar silo is that it can be used 365 days a year, as the Mortar silo is fitted with water heater.

The dosing to the forced mixer takes place with the auger conveyor thus avoiding shoveling and reducing the dust level - this gives a better working environment.

The silo is fitted with door/hatch for filling dry mortar products from mortar manufacturer.  

The mortar silo is fitted with the following equipment:

  • 1. pcs. Vibration motor.
  • 1. pcs. Feed auger.
  • 1. pcs. Butterfly valve with handle.
  • 1. pcs. Water supply with magnetic valve and coil.
  • 1. pcs. Cabinet fitted with electrical equipment and control panel.
  • 1. pcs. Water heater.